Innovation Team

Southwold Primary School’s Innovation Team consists of Members of our three elected pupil groups in school. These are School Parliament, Community Rangers and the Green Team. These groups consist of two representitives from each class throughout school.

The Green Team

Our Green team promote ecofriendly practice in school, looking at power and water consumption and waste management. They have also been involved in recycling projects such as our Pop Bottle Greenhouse, along with the planning of our eco-sensory garden.

The Community Rangers

Our Community Rangers work in and with the local community to promote the school  as a hub of our local community.

School Parliament

School Parliament are the voice of our pupils. They listen to issues raised by children in school and look at ways to make Southwold a happy and exciting place for everyone to learn and work together.

As a whole our innovation team make decisions and help to shape the school community into the happy vibrant place it is.

In December 2011 the Innovation team were invited to visit the Houses of Parliament by our local MP Lilian Greenwood.

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