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Class 5 Visit The Galleries Of Justice In Nottingham

Children have been puzzling over the question ‘Why do we need laws and rules?’

Armed with an extensive list of questions, Class 5 visited the Galleries of Justice, to seek their answers!


During the visit, children discussed the types of crimes that people commit and the impact it has on victims and society.  Through role-play, children re-enacted a  juvenile case in the Magistrates Court.  Then the they held a mature, in-depth discussion about  punishment and the impact it has upon re-offending.

IMG_20170130_103230[1] IMG_20170130_130218[1]

On our return to school, our thoughtful, caring children, were quick to identify essential laws and rules for our new moon new lunar base colony. Through their own class referendum, ‘Moon Law and Rules 2017 Act’, is now ready for use!

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