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Class 5 Learn To Speak Russian!

Class 5 Space Cadets continue to strengthen their astronaut skills by learning to speak and write in Russian!
Russian speaking Lynda kindly offered to spend the morning helping children to read and sound out the alphabet. They were also taught how to say and write their names, as well counting from 10 – 0 to help secure a sound ‘lift off’.
Children thoroughly enjoyed learning how to pronounce new sounds and learning to write new letter formations. It was a fantastic opportunity, for many of our linguistic children to use their language skills to support their peers’. Their enthusiasm and determination shone through, in their quest to learn new skills.
Everyday, the children continue to practice their speaking skills, saying Good Morning, Hello, Goodbye, dinners or sandwiches in Russian!  Our in class Russian speaker is on hand to help with pronunciation and learning new words!
A great morning was enjoyed by all. Class 5 are certainly taking their training very seriously!  A future astronaut may be in our class!
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