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Class 5 At IntoUniversity

Class 5 visited IntoUniversity, for a fun-filled focus day investigating Ancient Greece! Children participated in many exciting activities developing literacy, maths, history, geography and drama skills through a variety of engaging and challenging activities.   Working as part of a team, children had to use their mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems relating to geometry and code breaking.

Using their chart reading skills, children were able to compare the climate between England and Greece,  focusing upon temperature and precipitation (rainfall).   Children also applied their knowledge of Athens and Sparta, to complete a Venn diagram comparing the life of children.

The afternoon was dedicated to drama by investigating the main types of plays enjoyed by Ancient Greeks in the orchestra. Working in groups, children read a famous fable and discussed its morale.  Next, they discussed the characters in the fable and allocated roles for their play.  Using a variety of resources, children prepared their own script, props and acting scenes.  After rehearsing, each group performed their amazing play to the class.

A fantastic day was enjoyed by all! Not only have the children deepened their knowledge about Ancient Greece, but also about education and courses at University!

Class 5 are already excited about their return visiting Year 6!  Thank you IntoUniversity team!

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