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Class 5 – Garcia Workshop Project 13/06/2017

As part of the Nottingham Schools Garcia Workshop project, Class 5 visited Nottingham Contemporary to see the exhibition of Lara Faveretto, who uses materials left behind from previous uses in time.

Working with our artist, Class 5 used their creative, artistic skills to work with various materials to create their own ‘traces that we leave behind’ artwork.

Enthusiastically, children used different objects to create their own artwork, using the sounds and exhibited works for inspiration.  Stones were used to create a face, Stonehenge, a sword, a flower and then another expressive face. Other amazing and imaginative works were created using pieces of paper, sticks, metal objects and plastic balls.

Using their own interpretation of mechanical works, children used their bodies to replicate the movement of machinery and then sketched drawings.

In preparation for the Garcia Workshop Exhibition, the class worked together using: graphite, charcoal, rubbers, washing and nail brushes to create a picture to show traces of what we leave behind based on different imaginary concepts. Their final piece was a fantastic example of teamwork, imagination, creativity and skilled use of a variety of art and home objects.

We enjoyed a fantastic day and are very much looking forward to our next workshop, where family can come and join the fun!  Watch this space!

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