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EYC – Diwali celebrations

EYC had such fun celebrating Diwali today … Happy Diwali everyone!

EYC Phonics sessions

So good to have so many interested and supportive parents in EYC this morning observing phonics practice. Parent partnerships at it’s best!

EYC Planting

EYC have been busy today planting out the winter flowering pansies

EYC Promoting home-school learning

EYC are taking home packs with name cards, whiteboard pens, scissors and number lines in to support fine motor skills. Promoting home school links and learning.

EYC – DInosaur project

EYC are having fun learning all about dinosaurs through project based learning. Their essential question is ‘If you were a dinosaur, what would you be and why?’.

EYC – Dinosaur pictures

EYC have been paint mixing backgrounds for their dinosaurs and using their measuring skills to frame their pictures.

Trekkers – What comes next?

This week the Trekkers are learning about patterns and ‘What comes next?’ in Maths.

EYC’s dinosaur visit

EYC were surprised with a dinosaur visit today. He left an egg for us to hatch!!

EYC – End Of Project Finale And Graduation! 13/07/2017

EYC have had a very busy few weeks. We have had the Rainbows graduation, end of project picnic and the sponsored walk.

Graduation was a lovely afternoon, we were so proud of the Rainbows graduating from EYC and preparing for Year 1.

The end of project picnic was a huge success. The children and staff dressed up as their favourite traditional story character and looked fantastic. The children planned the whole exhibition themselves, making party invitations, shopping for the food, making jam sandwiches and chocolate crispy cakes. We would like to thank all of the parents for attending.

The children made us very proud on the sponsored walk. They walked and then rode or pushed wheeled toys around the school field for one whole mile. Finishing off with a refreshing ice lolly.

EYC-Goldilocks And The Three Bears 27/06/2017

Over the last two weeks, EYC have been looking at the book ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’.  Our school cook, Mrs Parr, came into class to show the children how to make porridge for the three bears and for the children to try. Mrs Dean took some of the children to Lidl to buy some porridge oats!

The Trekkers and Rainbows used some of the porridge oats to make flapjacks.

The Adventurers made bear biscuits.

Mrs Parr made porridge for EYC and the three bears.

While the porridge was cooling. The children went outside to look for the three bears.

When the three bears and the children went back inside to eat the porridge, the children discovered that Goldilocks had eaten all of baby bears porridge and broken his chair!

The children really enjoyed eating their porridge and ate it all up.

The Adventures have been busy pretending to make their own porridge and acting out the story.

Summer Is Finally Here! 19/06/2017

The children in E.Y.C had fun cooling down in the paddling pool.

EYC-Three Little Pigs 15/06/2017

EYC have been looking at the book, ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We have been doing lots of activities based around the book.

The children have been acting out the story themselves.

We have been using our creative skills to make the characters and houses from the book.

The children have also been using various construction materials to build the, ‘Three pigs houses’.

They were delicious! A fun afternoon of learning and cooking for everyone.

Class 5 – 50 Things To Do: Make Natural Art 13/06/2017

Inspired by a visit to the Nottingham Contemporary, children explored the school grounds looking for natural materials.

Based on the theme of ‘Traces we Leave Behind’ by Lara Favaretto, children created an exciting and imaginative trail of artwork.

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