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Bread Making In Year 1

Class 1 have been thinking about how they can help the Little Red Hen, and so we decided to make some Bread.


We used measuring jugs and scales to measure in millilitres and grams. We found out that 1 kilogram is the same as 1000 grams. We read the recipe and followed the instructions.

We all mixed in the yeast, salt sugar, water and oil to make the dough.


We kneaded the dough and then left it to prove…


Look how much it had risen after lunch!


We used halving and doubling to work out how to turn each ball into 16 bread rolls…


Here they are fresh from the oven….
We all thought they smelled and tasted delicious!


We are definitely going to need a bakery in our fairy tale community. So many characters in fairy tales are hungry! Can you think of some of them?

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