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Biodiversity day with Mr K

To mark Biodiversity day here are some of the animals I share my garden with. Why don’t you try going on your own backyard safari. I will be spending an hour counting all the different species I see using my garden and hopefully photographing a few.

If you want to join me, sit quietly in your garden with a pencil and piece of paper and watch and listen for birds and flying insects. Each time you see one make a mark on your paper. If you can, take a photo to help you identify the different species. ( we’d love to see your photos and who knows, may be able to help identify any you’re struggling with!)

After half an hour or so, quietly and carefully explore the plants for mini beasts. Look under stones, leaves, sticks (always remembering to put everything back as you found it) Again, every time you find something, make a mark and take a photo if you can. If you have a pond make sure you explore it safely with an adult.

Alternatively take your paper and pencil with you when you go out for your exercise and count all the different animals your see whilst you’re out. Again please take some photos if you can.

Let us know how many you find and remember to send us some photos

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