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Ancient Greece Day – Class 5 12/06/2017

Class 5 travelled back in time to Ancient Greece to learn more about their history.  Through drama, the children were transported to a Greek theatre where they took part in re-enacting Greek myths and legends. During a fun Greek Quiz, children enthusiastically hunted for information to a range of interesting questions to deepen their factual knowledge.

During the day, children were introduced to many famous and important Greeks. They were able to find more answers to their essential question ‘How did the Ancient Greeks change the world?’ As mathematicians, groups worked tirelessly to solve Archimedes Stomachion puzzle –  using their knowledge of geometry.  Eager to learn more, the children learnt to play a game called Petteia using strategic skills.

To support their previous learning of warfare, children watched a very entertaining demonstration of weapons in use and the armour worn during battles.

What other finish to a fun-filled day, than with our own mini Olympic Games competition!  Equipped with bags of energy and vigour, boys competed against girls in a high standard variety of games, worthy or spectating in any Olympic stadium!

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